Motivational Speaker – Lance Mackey

Learn more about Lance’s life and his amazing achievements.

Meet Lance Mackey

Lance Mackey – Motivational Speaker

Lance is an engaging and motivational speaker. He is well known as one of the most inspirational athletes in sled dog history.


Lance Mackey demonstrates the true spirit of what it means to be Alaskan. His incredible back to back Quest and Iditarod championships show his grit and his determination. His appetite for “tough.”


Lance will say “Tell me it can’t be done, by god… I’ll give it everything I got to prove that it can. ‘Can’t’ is a word that I do NOT want to understand. I always do my very best, it may not always be number one, but it’s the best I can do.”


Lance has worked very hard to be where he is today and sacrificed beyond most peoples’ comprehension. He is an exceptional dog driver, a cancer survivor, a 4 time Iditarod Champion, a 4 time Yukon Quest Champion and a down to earth, regular guy. His speaking events leave you inspired and motivated.


It is appetite and attitude that make him who he is. Book him for your next event.


Lance’s Speaking Topics

  • Leadership & Setting Goals
  • Looking beyond cancer
  • Success : Appetite and Attitude
  • Mushing 101 & Kennel Management
  • Training for Mid-distance races
  • Turning your life around (inspirational for teens in trouble)


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Yukon Quest Champion


Yukon Quest Champion


Yukon Quest and Iditarod Champion


Yukon Quest and Iditarod Champion


Iditarod Champion


Iditarod Champion