2015 Race Season Update from Lance

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Lance and Team in the Solstice 100 - Photo from Two Rivers Dog Mushers on Facebook

Lance and Team in the Solstice 100 – Photo from Two Rivers Dog Mushers on Facebook

Wow! Another racing season is upon us and we are having a great time here at Comeback Kennels. We have run two races so far and are very pleased with the dogs and the mushers. Raelyn and Pato each took a team to the Gin Gin 200 and finished in the very respectable places of 9th and 10th. I couldn’t be happier with the dogs and them. They are definitely forces to be reckoned with. I ran in the Solstice 100 in Two Rivers and took second place. I am very happy with that as first place was taken by my niece’s husband, Will and their outstanding team. Keeping it all in the family. Those Mackey dogs are amazing!


We are packing up the drop bags for our next race, the Kusko 300. We will have three teams running. The trail is looking pretty gnarly and it promises to be its usual grueling race. The dogs are looking awesome and Raelyn, Pato and I are looking forward to the adventures that always come with this race. It will be nice to be running with my handlers and dogs. I feel like a proud dad knowing I have such amazing dogs and handlers.


Next up, the Yukon Quest. Originally it was not on the roster for me but, with little snow and limited race options, I felt I needed to go. Not to mention the line-up of mushers this year. I enjoy racing with Jeff King, Hugh Neff, Allen Moore and the others. And, this year, for the first time ever a Redington will be racing! Ray Redington Jr. signed up on the last day! Yeah, it’s going to be good. One of the best ever.


2015 is my 13th time running the Iditarod. Huh, I sure do like that number. It’s no secret the number thirteen has never been unlucky for me, perhaps five in fifteen will be my mantra. Oh, and with all the people signing up online for the Kusko, I managed to be #13 on the list. The Ninja’s are looking so good, it is a little scary. They are jammin’ during training runs and the speeds are consistent and just right for winning races. I am definitely the weakest link in the team. They say I have Raynauds Disease and it is really affecting me this season. My fingers cannot tolerate the cold weather and I am beginning to wonder how long I can continue racing. We have been trying all sorts of different gloves and hand warmers to help. It is a slow process finding the perfect combination and I am learning the lesson of patience. I am having to train myself how to booty dogs with gloves on. Not an easy task for sure but I am adjusting and getting faster and pretty proficient at it. At 44, it is hard to change what you have been doing a certain way for 40 years. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Forza10 has joined the kennel as our dog food sponsor and the dogs are loving it! They will eat it dry, soaked or mixed. Their coats are looking great, muscle mass is building and they are happy. The food is all natural and wild sourced. No GMO’s, hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. The dogs eat better than I do and I am definitely okay with that.


Keep checking here on the website and on Facebook for updates and race results. Follow me during the Yukon Quest via their website and the Iditarod at


Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Without the fans we would not have a sport. You guys rock!

~ Lance

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