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Summer Kennel Tours & Cart Rides

Tour Lance Mackey’s Comeback Kennel

Join the Mackey Kennel team for an hour of sled dogs! The tour begins with a guided kennel walk and visit to the puppy pens. Experience a mushing demonstration. Learn about sled dog training, nutrition, and equipment.  There is plenty of time for questions and photos. Most days, Lance himself is your tour guide. Cart Rides available May through September for an extra fee.

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Winter Dog Sledding

Winter Dog Sled Ride
1.5 Hours

Help hook up the huskies, hop on the sled, and away you go for 1.5 hours on the trail. Ride in the basket or on the runners; either way it is an experience you will not soon forget. Your guide takes you down the trails used to train our racing dogs. If Transportation is available from and to Fairbanks. Cold weather gear is an absolute requirement for these trips. Please contact us for more information.


Northern Lights Ride
1.5 Hours

An hour and a half on the trail by dog sled, but this time, under the aurora! Help hook up the dogs and hop on the runners for a night ride under the stars; a fully authentic Lance Mackey experience, as he does most of his training at night. We suggest checking the aurora forecast for the night you choose to book this trip.


Mushing Excursions with Lance Mackey


Dog Sledding Excursions
3-7 Days

We offer customizable longer excursions for an unforgettable mushing experience, a glimpse into life at the kennel. You choose the length (3-7 days) and the intensity of your trip. We provide lodging, meals, airport transportation, and of course all the equipment and hands-on training and experience with sled dogs your heart desires! Some features include trailside camping and northern lights viewing. Let us know what you would like to do while on the trail and we will do our best to accommodate. A rustic experience for the true dog-loving adventurer. Must be flexible and conditions may vary day to day.

Call today to check availability and book your custom trip: 907-444-6150